otl insurance

otl insurance

In Ontario, otl insurance  who wants to sell property and casualty insurance (including auto) must pass the OTL licence exam and be sponsored by a licensed insurer. You can complete the OTL licensing exam by attending a live virtual proctored online class, through TopClass or ProctorU, OR you can write your exam in person at an Institute examination centre. Once you’ve successfully completed your exam, the material you’ve learned will have prepared you for the provincial OTL Level 1 Licensing Final Exam.

Beyond Life: Exploring Other Than Life Insurance and Its Role in Financial Protection

There are some other requirements, including sponsorship by a licensed insurer and having an Ontario address where you can receive mail. Also, you must be of good character and not engaged in any business or occupation that would jeopardize your integrity or independence. If you’re interested in becoming a general insurance agent, you can find more information about the licensing process by visiting FSRA’s page on OTL Licensing – Applying for a General Insurance Agent Licence.

Good news for patients and doctors — paperwork required by health insurance companies to get many medical procedures or tests is getting rolled back. This includes prior authorization, which was once the most common reason why a doctor had to request a prescription from an insurer before prescribing a medication for a patient.

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