A foul vaginal odor can be a sign of a health issue.

Everyone’s vagina has a different scent, but if it smells fishy or is accompanied by other symptoms like burning and itching, this isn’t normal. More info: https://getflowerpower.com/blogs/news/fishy-vaginal-odor

Bacterial Vaginosis

One of the most common causes of a fishy vaginal odor is bacterial vaginosis, which is caused by an imbalance in your flora. It may occur when you’re pregnant or at a fertile age, and it can also happen after intercourse.

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A sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as trichomoniasis, is another possible cause of a fishy vaginal stench. Women who are infected with BV typically experience itching, genital pain, a thick white or yellow discharge and sometimes a green discharge.

Unusual odors can occur for several reasons, including:

Poor hygiene
You should always keep your external genitals clean and dry by washing them regularly with water and nonirritating soap. This helps prevent odor-causing bacteria from developing and can reduce itching, according to Dr. Elisabeth Rosen, a medical doctor at Livi who specialises in gynaecology and obstetrics.

Sweaty groin area

Tightly-knit clothing that traps sweat can also lead to a foul odor, says Dr. Dweck.

Other reasons for a stinky vaginal odor include:

Foreign object in your vagina

A tampon that gets stuck inside you is another cause of a bad odor, although this isn’t very common, Dr. Rosen tells SELF.

If you think that your vaginal odor is due to a foreign object in your vagina, the best solution is to remove it. You can do this by visiting your OB-GYN, who will be able to fully remove the object and assess for any infection.

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