Celebrity Uncovered ‘ high-profile status makes them an interesting target for tabloid gossip. The success of celebrity news outlets such as TMZ and Perez Hilton, as well as glossy magazines like People and US Weekly, highlights the public’s fascination with celebrities’ personal lives.

Gossiping about celebrities can be fun, slightly wicked, and even feed your sense of schadenfreude — but there’s nothing quite like being part of the attack. That’s the appeal of ONTD, a site where members contribute and commit on celebrity stories, allowing them to be among the first to share new information about their idols.

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The gossip site that started it all, Page Six has been a fixture in Manhattan’s magazine scene for decades, fueled by its anonymous network of in-the-know Manhattan tipsters. Its reputation for being one of the first to share celebrity scandals has earned it a loyal following.

There are many great celebrity gossip podcasts out there. Vanity Fair’s In The Limelight and Jezebel’s Dirtcast cover a range of topics, from reality stars to TikTok influencers to the machinations of social media fame. Meanwhile, Bitch Sesh is an excellent way to hear from a diverse group of women talking about the dark side of celebrity culture.

For a historical take on celebrity gossip, You Must Remember This, a podcast hosted by Hollywood historian Karina Longworth, delves into the eras-old scandals of old Hollywood. From Jayne Mansfield’s dead-blonde status to the Joan Crawford/Bette Davis feud, each episode opens up discussions on a wide range of topics that are as pertinent today as they were in the past.

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