post and beam foundation repair

While they are not as popular as concrete slab foundations, pier and beam foundations are ideal for some areas. These foundations are a good choice for areas that experience frequent flooding and soils that tend to shift or sink.

Like any foundation type, a pier and post and beam foundation repair can begin to show signs of damage over time. This may be seen in cracks in walls, sagging floors, or misaligned doors and windows. The pier and beam foundation’s structure is often compromised by the wood sills that support the floor joists, which can decay due to moisture. The joists themselves can also become warped or rot over time.

The Ultimate Guide to Post and Beam Foundation Repair: Tips and Techniques

A common repair for a pier and beam foundation is shimming. This involves adding wood shims that are cut to specific sizes to fill in any gaps in the foundation. This minor repair can help to reinforce the foundation and can prevent future problems such as movement or sagging.

Other repair methods include rebuilding a pier stack or the beam structure itself to distribute weight more evenly. The use of steel piers is another option that offers additional structural strength. Helical piers, which are screwed into the ground until they reach stable, load-bearing soil, can also be used to lift a foundation.

One way to prevent post and beam foundation problems is to schedule regular inspections with a foundation repair contractor. These regular inspections can catch issues early and prevent major damage. They can also help homeowners understand the factors that affect their foundation, which can save money in the long run.

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