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More than 70 million players have logged in to play apex cheats Legends, and not everyone is on an even playing field. Some players are taking advantage of apex cheats to get an edge over the competition. They either pay for these hacks or they get them for free from sketchy websites. Some hacks include aim assist, shots zipping right at you, striking packs and firing at unusually fast rates with little or no recoil.

According to Respawn, the game’s anti-cheat team is catching more than ten thousand cheaters weekly. However, these hackers are using increasingly advanced third-party software to keep themselves one step ahead of the anti-cheat system. Respawn is catching on, though, and plans to use a new feature that names and shames cheaters in the kill feed.

The Best Tips to Apex Legends Hacks and Cheats

The latest apex cheats will expose players who have been caught using hacks to the entire lobby, which should serve as a deterrent to those looking for an unfair advantage. The feature is similar to Ricochet, a popular Call of Duty anti-cheat system that exposes cheaters by displaying a Ricochet logo next to their name in the kill feed.

In addition to exposing cheaters, the apex hacks also let players know who they are facing in a match. For example, a wall hack allows players to see enemy positions through walls in advance, giving them a huge tactical advantage. Additionally, a no spread hack allows players to see bullets as they fly, eliminating the random pattern that often leads to missed shots.

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