Potholes are a real nuisance on our roads, paths and car parks. They not only damage tyres but also affect suspension and the frame of your vehicle, so it’s important to get them repaired quickly and efficiently to reduce risk to drivers and passengers.

Our pot hole repair kit contains everything you need to carry out a permanent, professional job yourself. The pack includes 6 x PatchMaster H572 Black [20KG], a cold-lay repair material that is perfect for rapid repairs to tarmac or asphalt, including potholes, rutting and reinstatement of utility cuts. It is supplied with 2 x BituSeal aerosols, a premium performance edge sealant that can be applied to the edges of the patch for additional protection and durability. To complete your pothole fix, a steel punner is also included for effective compaction and to achieve a long-lasting finish.

Revitalizing Tarmac: Techniques for Tarmac Pothole Repair

When choosing the right pothole repair material for your road, path or driveway, consider what it will be used for and any other uses of that area. For example, if it will be trafficked by vehicles, consider our Instant Road Repair 6mm or the more skid-resistant formula of Permanent Pothole Repair Wet.

A good tip is to always cut neat, straight lines with a circular saw around the edge of your pothole patch to help prevent water ingress and reduce pressure on the repaired surface, especially in heavy traffic areas. This will also make the job look a lot better!

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