Global hire Canada Talent Stream is an innovative program that is aimed to address the issues related to Canadian immigration. It is a partnership between Employment and Social Development Canada and Immigration, refugees and citizenship in Canada. The main aim of the said program is to help those who are interested in pursuing international professions open up many opportunities for themselves in Canada. This program also aims to build a pipeline of skilled professionals in Canada for future generations.

Are You Making These Global Talent Stream Canada Mistakes?

Global Talent Stream was launched in June 2021. It was initially introduced as a pilot project in order to test the efficiency of the said program among Canadian employers and temporary foreign workers. The introduction was further influenced by the partnership between ESDC, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC). GTS doesn’t have any mandatory national benefit; however, it offers job postings for temporary skilled workers from various countries that meet the requirement set out by Canadian employers. In addition, GTS offers free access to recruitment agencies in Canada that specialize in the search and selection of skilled and semi-skilled workers.

While initially only a small number of temporary foreign workers were able to find jobs in Canada thanks to the launch of the Global Talent Stream, the pilot program encouraged more employers to hire these workers on account of the program’s efficiency and ease of use. More employers soon realized that hiring and promoting foreign workers is much easier when compared to the process of hiring permanent foreign workers. In addition, more businesses were encouraged to hire these workers due to the skills that temporary foreign workers possess, which in turn, increased the demand for these jobs.

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