Home builders construct new homes and take on major remodeling jobs. A home builder may be the owner of a residential construction company or a general contractor who hires other builders to work on his projects. Home builders also liaise with local community officials and governmental agencies regarding housing demands in the area. Some home builders specialize in one style of building or market and gain an edge by establishing a solid reputation in that niche.

How do I become a home builder in Kansas?

Architects and home designers create the design for a new house, but it’s up to the home builder to see that the blueprint is implemented correctly and efficiently. This involves lining up all the required tradesmen, ordering building materials and managing the construction crew. It also means preparing schedules and job estimates. It’s important for home builders to be able to communicate well with everyone involved in the process because things happen that may affect construction timelines and budgets.

Production home builders often develop communities where they own the land and sell lots to buyers who wish to purchase a pre-designed house at a set price. They may offer options for appliances, countertops and flooring, cabinetry and fixtures at different price points to appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

It takes a lot of education and on the job experience to become a home builder. Many choose to pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in construction management, business, architecture or a related field. Others opt for apprenticeships or on the job training to learn the trade. Regardless of how they get their start, all home builders require basic hand tools like hammers and saws as well as power equipment such as circular saws, nail guns and drills.

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