Truck driver staffing agencies are a great resource for both truck drivers and companies who need them. These firms are dedicated to searching out and matching up drivers with jobs that match their skills and preferences. They are also well-versed in the details of trucking laws and regulations, so they can handle many of the steps involved in the hiring process more efficiently than a company that hires workers on its own.

Can you start a trucking company without money?

In some cases, staffing agencies can even provide the legal backing a truck driver needs to defend themselves in vicarious liability lawsuits. The case in question revolved around a truck driver who was assigned to drive trucks for several different clients over the course of a year. Ultimately, this led to him being involved in an accident with another vehicle.

The key issue in this case was whether or not the temporary staffing agency retained exclusive control over the truck driver. The court held that the trucking company did not maintain exclusive control because the staffing agency paid the driver wages and employment taxes, provided him with health insurance, workers’ compensation and other benefits, and supervised the activities of the driver.

Trucking is a lifestyle as much as it is a career, so a truck driver staffing agency will ensure that the trucker finds a job that matches their personality and preferences. Whether a young driver just passed their Class A test and wants to explore OTR routes or a veteran trucker prefers local routes closer to home in Millburn or Elizabeth, the agency will find the right fit.

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