Tips For Window Cleaning

Window cleaning, also known as window washing, Beaches | Cleaning Service is a popular service that many people perform on a regular basis. In many cases, window cleaning is still a manual process, but the practice of using tools and technology has become increasingly common. Here are a few tips to keep your windows sparkling clean:

Wet the squeegee before using it on the windows. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge to remove any loose dirt or debris from the squeegee’s rubber edge. Then, use a reusable microfiber cloth to wipe the glass. This cloth will absorb more cleaning fluid and will leave the window streak-free and shiny. This method is best for windows with a thin layer of dust, so wipe the surface carefully and use a mild soap or detergent.

Before you begin, remove any drapes and curtains and spray them with fabric freshener to remove dust and cobwebs. After wiping the window frames, you can use a dry brush to remove any excess dust. If you’d prefer to clean the glass without scrubbing, use a vacuum attachment. A solution of vinegar or household ammonia is an excellent option, though it won’t kill bacteria. Before you begin cleaning the windows, wear gloves to prevent any potential injury.

Depending on the building, you may need to use scaffolding or aerial work platforms. A supported scaffolding rests on the ground below the windows. A suspended platform, on the other hand, hangs from above. This type of scaffolding doesn’t rest on the ground, but instead uses a wire rope to suspend the worker. This method allows the worker to raise and lower the scaffold manually or by motor. And don’t forget to use a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe down the window and frame.

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