The villa uluwatu bali is the perfect getaway. You can feel the tranquil island atmosphere without leaving your hotel room! There are many activities you can participate in while you stay here including boating, jet skiing, windsurfing, hiking, fishing, diving and horseback riding. If you’re looking for an opportunity to escape and not do anything but lie around all day, the villa Uluwatu is your solution! The villa has three small swimming pools (one large pool, two small ones) that give you all the privacy you need while still having access to the beautiful sea.

Experience Bali’s Entertainment at an Uluwatu Villa

The villa Uluwatu Balinese features spectacular views of the ocean, incredible sea views as well as balcony and terrace overlooks. The sunsets make your nights at the villa very special with the backdrop of the tropical island life. The 65 amazing Uluwatu villa is larger than 3,500 square feet with private balconies, living space, L-shaped pool, separate dining and living rooms. You may be able to drive right out to your boat or jet ski if you like! Most of the windows were open to the ocean to let the sea breeze in, while others were lined with glass to let the sea breezes blow through.

The most amazing thing about this island paradise is that you will find everything you need here including Balinese cooking, souvenirs and much more. Many of these villas also include a private bar, lounge and even a small bookstore. If you’re looking for a complete escape, you will not be disappointed with the uluwatu all inclusive luxury villas. You will also want to check out the rest of the Indian ocean islands including Ileha, Epire and Vanuatu as well.

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