Kitchen extractor cleaner is a vital part of any commercial kitchen cleaning routine. Without it, your ducting can become covered in sticky grime which can lead to a number of health and safety risks. This article takes a look at what kitchen extractor ducting cleaning involves and how it can be done with ease at home or by professionals.Check this out

A vented extractor fan is designed to pull steam, smells and grease out of the air as it is heated by your oven. It then uses a duct or chimney to vent the fumes outside. The fans within a vented extractor fan can also help to control heat in the room so that it stays at a comfortable temperature for your staff and customers.

The Benefits of Using Natural Cleaners for Your Kitchen Extractor

Commercial kitchens often have a large extraction fan in place to keep the atmosphere smoke free when using a hob or cooker. This can prevent unpleasant odours, smoke and carbon monoxide from spreading into the rest of the premises. It can also reduce fire hazards as it helps to control the ventilation in a kitchen and protects against smoke damage.

In most cases, your hood and filters can be cleaned in the same way you would clean your other kitchen equipment. Dish soap mixed with hot water can be used to break down and loosen grease and dirt on surfaces. A little baking soda can be added to the solution to further degrease, and you can use a scrubbing sponge or toothbrush to get into the harder-to-reach areas of your extractor. For any stubborn or sticky spots, a bit of white vinegar can be added to the mixture and scrubbed away with a brush.

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