moss balls

The moss balls is a lovely addition to any freshwater aquarium. They are easy to care for and look fantastic in a home decor setting. They have a nice bright green color and soft velvet texture. A moss ball is an excellent plant for beginners and experienced aquarists alike. Moss balls are easy to keep alive, however, they need to be rolled every few weeks to ensure that all sides get equal sunlight. If a moss ball is not rolled and only one side gets sunlight it will turn brown and will not grow as quickly.

To make a moss ball, you will need a styrofoam ball and a few different types of moss. You can forage the moss in your own landscape or buy it at garden centres. If you forage the moss be sure to remove it from its roots and wash it thoroughly. Moss that has been removed from its roots and only used for decorative purposes will be softer and more colorful.

Moss Balls: The Natural Marvels for Your Aquarium

The best moss to use for the outside of the moss ball is the sphagnum type. It can be purchased either fresh or dried at most garden centres and is a fairly inexpensive plant. The styrofoam ball is just as easy to purchase at most pet stores and even some dollar stores.

Marimo, also known as a moss ball or lake ball, is a rare growth form of the green algae Aegagropila linnaei. This rare spherical algae grows in many lakes in Japan, Estonia, Scotland, and Iceland. It is often mistaken for moss, but it is not a true moss and does not really have a solid center.

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